To me, there is a region with a very significance amount to believe in God, where there I mean religion in my life.

As Gauss said:

Gauss Quote

(from MFC)

This explains indirectly that religion has its own place, and also science has its own place. I do not mean religion directly from Science, and vice versa. So, to me, Science does not count the terms in Religion, and vice versa, and because the religious texts have contextual meanings that can not be directly deduced, and also most of the religious texts are poetic, like a poem that filled with the symbols in space-time.

Although we may have some significances to believe or not to believe in God, as a Muslim, I was taught to be tolerant and respectful of each other, as the fragment of verse in the Quran: lakum diinukum wa liyadiin, and in other verse laa ikraaha fiddiin.

To me, the tolerant is not only limited to human beings and even for animals, the earth and the universe, including energy sources for our civilization. I have written about this in the Philosophy of Tasbih (sorry I can not update the blog post because I forget the username and password).

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